Your Word of the Week: Struthious

As noted elsewhere, this blog is a division of World Lexicography Headquarters. If you’ve been wondering just exactly what WLHQ is all about, please see our handy and helpful FAQ.

Each Thursday at 6pm, Central Time, I make an appearance on a fantastic radio program called “Life As Art, Also,” where I deliver a Word of the Week for your general betterment. (Believe me, you need it.) LAAA is the radio sequel to the now defunct “Life As Art,” which was a wonderful public access television program once upon a time. I made about eight appearances on that program, delivering the nascent version of the now mature Word of the Week. I guess you could give that old TV show credit for making me the man I am today: The Official Lexicographer of Internet Radio.

The program is on a station called XERS Radio, out of Elkhart, Indiana, a city of unemployed factory workers that makes an unequaled three appearances in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. Some might say the show is exactly what you’d expect from that sort of town. (If you hear anyone say that, please send them to World Lexicography HQ for immediate detention and reeducation.)

So let’s get down to business and discover your Word of the Week:

struthious (adj.) – resembling or pertaining to an ostrich.

Stop pronouncing it “strufious.”


1. I’ve always wondered what ostrich tastes like, but Denny’s doesn’t have anything struthious on the menu.
2. Look at the stars, Billy! There’s Sirius, the dog star. There’s Ursa Major, the big dipper. And there’s Struthious, the giant deadly space ostrich, who eats little boys who don’t brush their teeth before bed.

So go ye, minions, and introduce the word struthious into daily conversation. Let me know what happens. You owe it to yourself! And to WLHQ.

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