Shopping in Carpinteria: A Photographic Essay

I once visited a town called Carpinteria, California. It’s not far from Santa Barbara. north of Los Angeles. It didn’t take much walking around before I realized I’d better get out my camera, or else people would think I was making up the names of the shops I saw.

Child Abuse and Neglect Thrift Store
The Child Abuse and Neglect Thrift Store has everything you need for a very specialized hobby.
American Flags & Cutlery
You have to make sure people realize you sell more than one thing.
Retarded Childrens Thrift Store
Refreshingly frank.

Carpinteria may well be an alternate universe.

2 thoughts on “Shopping in Carpinteria: A Photographic Essay

  1. Oh my! My error, I’m sure. The visit was a while ago, and I wasn’t sure which town it was. I tried to confirm it with Google, and I was misled by my search results. Thanks for the correction! I’ll leave the post as it is so that your comment will still make sense to visitors, and so everyone can see how dumb I was ;) Thanks again!

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