Urban Dictionary Roulette

Being a lexicographer is fantastic, because it’s part of your job to play with wondrous resources like Urban Dictionary.

Once upon a time, the best thing about Urban Dictionary was looking up your own name; you could always find something hilarious, even if only barely literate. Here’s a curious definition for the name Matt. (I can’t tell if it’s an adjective, verb, or noun, and neither can the guy who wrote it, but if you have a friend named Matt, you probably should let him know about it.) But these days the fun definitions of names are typically buried beneath mountainous piles of adoring, worthless crap written by girlfriends or boyfriends.

You can still have fun with Urban Dictionary, though, through a game I invented called “Urban Dictionary Roulette.” The way it works is, you make up a word by combining sounds at random, and then you look it up in Urban Dictionary to see if it’s in there. If it is, you then use it in a sentence. You can only use a word if you aren’t aware of it being real.

Today I tried this with gunkle, lober, and twarm.  All three were in there. The result: “When my gunkle revealed that my boss is a lober, I wanted to twarm.”

What do you get when you play?

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