Ted Nugent Ammo

Our friend the Poppet Turner recently informed us of something amusing in the world of firearms. Perhaps you remember an aging celebrity named Ted Nugent; he recorded a very good song, along with a lot of very bad ones; he was part of a wider conspiracy against good taste known as the 1970s. And he’s still busy.

Today he’s quite outspoken about gun-related issues, and he has a TV show called “Spirit of the Wild” where he can be seen behaving (to put it diplomatically) like Ted Nugent.

Poppet Turner informed us that there is now a thing called Ted Nugent Ammo, and a closer look at its branding reveals that it deserves a bit of mockery. How fortunate—that’s just what we’re here for!

Wango Tango.

First, notice that it’s labeled “self-defense ammunition,” which apparently is Nuge for “hollow-point.” Poppet Turner knows guns well enough to find that a little strange; the bullets are 115-grain, which he says most people wouldn’t use for self-defense. So that marketing tag seems a little manipulative; or idiosyncratic at best. And we at World Lexicography HQ know English well enough to wonder if “self-defense ammunition” means that “Uncle Ted” frowns upon these bullets being used for other purposes, such as at the firing range. Is it inappropriate to fire them at anything other than a person?

But then we figured it out. It occurred to us that maybe the “Ted Nugent” in “Ted Nugent Ammunition” is being used in the same sense as the “buck” in “buckshot.” Perhaps these bullets are made for defending oneself against a charging Motor City Madman! That would excuse the idiosyncrasy.

Speaking of the firing range: your humble lexicographer was Poppet Turner’s guest at the firing range in Kansas City. Here you see us firing a 12-gauge slug for the first time in our life. It’s just one of the grim requirements of modern lexicography.

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