The Hazards of Texting: Case Study 3, Blackberry Edition

(Here is the whole series.)

We used to own and operate a Blackberry, which in itself should foreshadow how painful this story will be.

We are generally slow to anger, but everyone gets shat upon from time to time, and, long story short, someone treated us shabbily enough to cause great offense. The person who caused the offense, it’s important to mention for reasons that will shortly become clear, was not our ex-wife. Anyway. After the obligatory frank exchange of views, we recounted the tale of the incident to a friend via text message. There was one message in particular that described our feeling of disgust in florid detail. It was really quite a well done text that we felt made its point with almost Shakespearean dramatic effect. We wish we still had it, because we were rather proud of it.

The only problem is that our Blackberry misunderstood what was meant by the “send” button. Instead of sending the message to its chosen recipient, it thought: “What he really wants is for me to send this context-free message of emphatic disgust to his ex-wife.”

Hundreds of times.

Nothing we tried could make it stop, until we finally ripped the battery out of the phone. When we tried to call her to apologize and explain, the call couldn’t go through. Why? Because her phone was completely preoccupied with receiving our hundreds of messages of disgust.

Texting is hazardous.

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