Fun With Blenders

If you want to know a new level of horror, take your blender apart and examine the muck that has congealed under the blades. I did that to myself this morning. I never realized what tiny little crannies the steel concealed, or the amount of pure evil that could hide there.

I tried getting in there with cloth, brushes, Q-tips; nothing worked. The little spaces are just too small. So I had to get creative.

It's the only way to be sure.
It’s the only way to be sure.

What you see here is my blender steel, soaked in Purell and set ablaze. I recommend everybody do this, and not just to avoid being murdered by blender filth. It’s also nice aesthetically, as you can see. (I turned out the lights to get you a better photo.)

For added fun, you can quote aloud the line from Aliens that’s in the caption (as I did). Or if you lack dignity, you can sing “Disco Inferno,” substituting the word “blender.” (I didn’t.)

It was a success. The outcome was a smoothie made with two bananas, peanut butter (the natural kind), vanilla-flavored almond milk, and a little bit of Nutella. I win.

2 thoughts on “Fun With Blenders

  1. Mine doesn’t get dirty under the blades, but under the bottom where the rubber gasket is. I have to take it apart to clean out under there and it’s a pain. Glad you had such fun cleaning yours! I love love smoothies, and real peanut butter!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the rubber gasket is a pain as well because stuff really clings to it, but if that was my only problem, what would I blog about? I should thank them for making it so difficult.

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