Your Word of the Week: Noyade

Here’s a word that’s thankfully rare in everyday speech:

noyade (n.) – a mass drowning

The noyade was a French innovation, if that’s the word, during their trademark Reign of Terror. It was one of the ways they kept their dangerous counter-revolutionaries in line, when the guillotine got overbooked. Obviously, this was before the invention of the “#firstworldproblems” hashtag. Today, the French have put away their guillotines and mainly do a lot of sneering.

Usage: Before the competition, the coach told the swim team to perform well and play fair, “and for god’s sake let’s not have another noyade out there.”

Use this fantastic word in a sentence this week! We look forward to hearing how it goes. And as always, listen to each Thursday from 5 to 7 pm, Central time, and be the first to know your next Word of the Week! (I usually present the WOTW at about 6 pm.)

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