Desecration: Let’s call it ‘Beauty’

Remember “Hooked on Classics”? Like many bad ideas that seemed good because of new technology, It was born in the 1980s: somebody took a lot of great classical music, used a synthesizer to rob it of its soul, and set it to drums. For a while it was everywhere, and you can still sometimes hear it as background music behind the voice of Steve Sabol in “NFL Films Presents,” which is one of many good reasons nobody watches NFL Network.

(If you’re curious, here’s a YouTube link. I can’t listen to it; but you’re welcome to risk ruining your day with it.)

I was once naive enough to think that we as a society learn from our mistakes, but here are some young women who are pleased to prove me wrong as they desecrate some Vivaldi through their gift of pandering. Again, I won’t embed the video, because I can’t bear it (you see, I respect Vivaldi). Seeing this doesn’t quite give me the horror of watching the Library of Alexandria burn, but it does make me feel like I’m watching a drunkard urinate on the scrolls.

This is on my mind because @Lileks just called my attention to something I never imagined possible: somebody found a way to do the same thing to the visual arts. Here it is: some of the most disturbing should-have-been-lovely creepiness ever titled “Beauty.”

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