Your Word of the Week: Eigengrau

This week’s Word of the Week comes from the Germans, who really do have a word for everything, a point that I intend to demonstrate further on this Thursday’s broadcast.

Eigengrau (n.) the dark shade of gray that people report seeing during perfect darkness.

The thing is, the mind and the senses are unable to lie entirely inert. Deprive your eyes of any stimulation at all, and your nervous system will come up with a “test pattern.” That test pattern is called Eigengrau.

Use this fantastic word in a sentence this week, once for each meaning! Tell us what happens. And as always, listen to each Thursday at about 5 to 7 pm, Central time, and be the first to know your next Word of the Week! (The WOTW usually appears at around 6.) Upcoming: What does Tom Brady have in common with the men of Germany? The German language will tell us!

One thought on “Your Word of the Week: Eigengrau

  1. The Germans come up with some good words. A couple of our favorites, which we throw into casual conversation whenever possible: sitzmark and Weissnichtwo. (Thomas Carlyle actually came up with the latter. Everyday usage is tough, but we try.)

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