Your Word of the Week: Sitzpinkler

Once again we return to the Germans for a word that English needs to adopt. This one pretty much looks exactly like its definition.

Sitzpinkler (n.) – a man who urinates sitting down.

If you read around the Internet, you’ll find sources that imply heavily that Germany strongly encourages this sort of behavior, though we have our doubts. The Germans wouldn’t stand for that.

Here’s an NFL fan who needs to be made aware of this word:

The German language is your friend.

See if you can find a chance to use this word in a sentence this week! We’re willing to bet that your life is crammed full of closet Sitzpinklers who are itching for a chance to stand up and be counted, and only you can help. And as always, listen to each Thursday at about 5 to 7 pm, Central time, and be the first to know your next Word of the Week! (The WOTW usually appears at around 6, but this coming Thursday will be closer to 5:45.)

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