Potatoes Are Complicated

Continuing our indoor nature study of marketers and the marketing they market, today it becomes clearer that they really aren’t at home in the produce department. Here’s what they have attempted with the potato:

Just as Mother Nature would have made it, if only She had a marketing degree.

“I’ve just come up with our next big campagin, boss. I’ve made a breakthrough that will change the way we think about potatoes!”

“I doubt that, Neal. Remember how Chiquita fired you for that harebrained ‘portable banana‘ idea?”

“No, boss, this is different. Picture this: an individually wrapped potato!”

“Great Scott, you’ve done it! File for a patent, before another potato seller steals it!”

(Please note my commendable restraint, in that I did not make a “signs of the apocalypse” joke about the “patent pending” label.)

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