Your Word of the Week: Sniggle

The look of this word will give you guesses about what it means, but you’ll be wrong. It’s nothing to do with snorting while giggling, or any such portmanteau.

sniggle (v.) – to fish for eel by thrusting a baited hook into the eel’s den.

Nice, right? How long have you been doing that, and wishing you had a word for it? Far too long, we guess. And that’s why we’re here. We also hear you saying, “Eels live in dens?” You’re welcome.

This word was a big hit on the show. Besides being a fun word in its own right, you can connect it to grig, a word from a few weeks back, and it’s practically irresistible to talk about “sniggling a grig.” Chris took the concept public by telephoning bait shops on air and asking them if they could help him to “sniggle some grig.” None of the bait shops, you’ll be disappointed to learn, were very helpful.

Go forth and talk about sniggling grig this week, and as always, listen to each Thursday from 5 to 7 pm, Central time, and be the first to know your next Word of the Week! (The WOTW usually appears at around 6.)

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