Google Feud

At a party on Saturday, I invented a game that I thought was just dreadfully clever. You know the auto-completion that Google gives you, to try to anticipate what you’re looking up? And you know how sometimes the suggestions can be notoriously insane, right?

It occurred to me that the autocompletions act a bit like a survey. A bit like the surveys they play with on Family Feud. So I thought, why not play Family Feud using autocomplete? And we did, and had a lot of fun.

Then I got home, excited to start developing the concept, and I found out that it’s been done (and quite well). I felt like I’d just gone to the patent office with blueprints for a phonograph record player, and there stood Thomas Edison’s great-grandson listening to an iPod, giving me the finger.

Still, all credit to these people who got there first. It’s a fun game, so go play it.

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