Who are you?

My name is Bryan Olive. I’m a writer and lexicographer recently transplanted to Austin, Texas. I’m also on Twitter at @RadioFreeOlive.

Where can I find your FAQ?

Nobody likes a smartass.

What is a hoondat?

A hoondat is a snow duck. I coined the term at age 4 in what is now recognized as the first official action of World Lexicography Headquarters. Other kids built snowmen; I built snow ducks. That’s the kind of radical innovation you can expect from WLHQ.

What is World Lexicography Headquarters?

World Lexicography Headquarters (WLHQ) is an organization dedicated to building your vocabulary with interesting words that will make people scratch their heads and wonder about you a little when you use them in everyday conversation. WLHQ asserts all other Word of the Week presentations to be unauthorized and false, and encourages you to direct their perpetrators to report to WLHQ for immediate detention and reeducation.

Where is WLHQ?

WLHQ recently relocated to Austin, Texas, after spending several years in the barren wilds of Southern California.

Where can I listen to the Word of the Week?

Tune in to xersradio.com each Thursday at 6pm Central. I’m on a fantastic show called “Life As Art, Also,” hosted by Chris and Mike, which runs weekly from 5 to 7. Chris and Mike introduce me, listen to me gossip and bitch and moan about life in Austin, and then they extract the Word of the Week out of me, sometimes with pliers.

Occasionally, instead of the Word of the Week, we do a Sensitive Hearts Poetry Reading, in which we learn that not all poetry is good, and that fun can be had with this fact.

Who is Mrs. Hoondat/The Flaming Redhead?

Mrs. Hoondat is the Official Flaming Redhead of World Lexicography HQ. The “Mrs.” part of that is not to be taken literally. She has recently assumed the post of Head of Munitions and Ordnance. We also have a Head of Airport Recruitment, and are now soliciting applications for a Propaganda Minister. Applications should be forwarded to Hoondat Jr., who enjoys drawing trucks on them and making hats out of them.

Has anyone ever actually asked you these questions?

No. The “F” and the “A” of this “FAQ” are pure fabrications. I have never been asked any of these questions; not even the one about who I am.